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  • Hyundai Digital Display Program | BFA Website

    English | Français The Hyundai Dealer Digital Display Program will provide your dealership with an on-going mix of brand, retail, & service content, accompanied by unlimited custom content creation, exclusively for your dealership. Order Now FAQ Testimonials Digital signage is the future of in-store communications with your customers. The challenge is always content management , we have the solu tion. Who is The BFA Group has been in the automotive content creation business for over 55 years. We understand how each department within your dealership operates, as well as how they should work together to drive results. This understanding allows us to provide and manage digital signage content that visually reaches your on-site customers, delivering the right message , to the right place , at the right time . Exclusive access to Tier 1 and Tier 2 content, including licensed TV commercials. Includes on-going seasonal updates and personalized Google reviews. Hyundai Lounge TV available, including integrated LiveTV. ​ Educational service assets and custom menu boards included. NO LONG TERM CONTRACT REQUIRED Order Form Order Form Please fill in the form below and a member of the BFA technical on-boarding team will begin the process of connecting with you to confirm your connectivity and hardware requirements. We are here to help, every step of the way! Dealership Name Dealer Number Order Details Please fill out and submit the information below 2 Screen Package at $249 per month 3 Screen Package at $299 per month Additional Options Hyundai LoungeTV, with integrated dealer provided LiveTV cable feed. To view how it looks, click here *One time conversion & integration fee of $688 per applicable screen, not covered by HACC Co-Op funding. Please note: For liveTV integration, Dealer cable feed must be connected and operational at the screen location at time of installation of BFA equipment. BFA is not responsible for third party services and/or equipment. Click here to view the full pricing schedule Required Hardware Please confirm your hardware requirement selection below We will connect to existing screens via BFA external media players We will purchase new screens independently and connct via BFA external media players We would like to speak with BFA regarding purchasing Samsung commercial grade screens We will require installation assistance at an additional fee Why choose commercial grade screens? Click here to learn more Authorized by Cell / Text. Title Email SUBMIT Thank you for your order. You will be contacted by a member of the BFA on-boarding team shortly, at which time we will also confirm a scheduled shipping date of your equipment. Unless otherwise noted above, required hardware is to be Dealer self-installed, with The BFA Group on stand-by for any installation technical assistance required. “I had always been interested in digital signage but based on past frustrating experiences with clunky software and difficulties updating content, we went without it for years. In 2022 we began service with BFA. They provided the screens and hardware for both Hyundai and Genesis stores, had them installed promptly and we were up and running in days. Since then, they have been in contact with us on a regular basis and the updates are usually done same day. They have great video and graphic assets which makes the program simple and easy. I’m very happy with my decision to move forward with BFA.” Hass Hijazi, Managing Partner Finch Nissan, Finch Hyundai, Genesis London, Ontario

  • Retail Automotive Marketing | The BFA Group

    Fuel for your ideas We are proven performers in the retail automotive marketing space. Accelerating sales in every department. See what we do in 1 minute Learn more What drives us... With our impressive toolkit and years of experience under our belt, we are ready for any challenge that comes our way. ​​ ​ • Automotive Expertise • Original Thinking • Responsive Support We understand how a car dealership works and how one department feeds into another. Solving a problem in one department can affect an outcome in another. We’ll listen, ask all the right questions, and propose a plan and budget to get the job done. We are champions of a holistic approach within your dealership for every form we make to every sign we install. WHAT WE DO Strategy & Content Creation Creative Strategy Highly Effective Marketing Communication and more... Learn more Print Solutions Sales & F+I Parts & Service Office & Admin Body Shop Learn more Digital Solutions Digital Signage Kiosks Video Production and more... Learn more Dealership Makeover OUR ROADMAP TO SUCCESS Production & Distribution Design Strategy Launch Learn more Fuelling up... Facility Review Dealership Refresh Displays and more... Learn more BRANDS WE SUPPORT “I've had the pleasure of working with Lisa and the BFA team for almost seven years. The highest compliment I could give them or any other vendor is that BFA shares responsibility and accountability. Lisa and her team are always willing to lend their ideas, suggestions, and they're thorough quality assurance is second to none. If you are looking for a project partner rather than someone who is only looking to execute based on instruction, BFA is an excellent choice.” –Josh Pogue, Marketing Coordinator , Weins Canada

  • Print Solutions | The BFA Group

    PRINT SOLUTIONS Request a sample As technology continues to develop and change, we all begin to question the relevance of printing. Yet printing continues to thrive and to be an effective tactile tool to deliver your message. Print media and direct mail continue to be used partnered with digital communication for the ideal combination of delivering a marketing message. Printing is the grassroots of our business and we do design and print thousands of different items. Frankly, we excel at it. For all things paper & process that move inside your dealership — WE PROVIDE THOSE NECESSITIES. SALES & F+I Direct mail Private sale invitations Post cards Presentation & delivery folders Tire & accessory brochures Showroom tire displays Finance & insurance custom menu brochures Work sheets Delivery forms Sales tracking PIN boards Showroom signage Fabric & frame visuals Outdoor window graphics Vehicle magnets / wraps Parking lot signage Pre-owned vehicle appraisal work sheets Pre-owned reconditioning tags CSI & custom messaging delivery hang tags Request a sample SERVICE & PARTS Passport to service & custom maintenance guides Maintenance brochures Accessory brochure & promotions Vehicle walkaround forms Mirror dangler CSI hang tags Small invoice delivery pocket folders Tire displays Steering wheel labels After hours envelopes Custom key tags Detailing brochures & signage Service menu boards & signage Service pop up banners Door rate signage Shuttle boundaries maps & signage In-shop process hang tags Vehicle check-in forms Shuttle vehicle graphics Parts van graphics Drive-thru & parking lot signage Request a sample OFFICE & ADMINISTRATION Business Cards Desk & window name plates Letterhead Envelopes Cheques Greeting & holiday cards Calendars Notepad NCR multi copy forms Vouchers & coupons Visitor registration forms Request a sample COLLISION REPAIR Vinyl insurance wallets What to do in the event of a collision Customer retention brochures Indoor & outdoor signage Technician certificates Door jamb labels Banners Total loss vouchers Deductible plan certificates / Pamphlets Vehicle log-in forms Request a sample OTHER SOLUTIONS: DIGITAL SIGNAGE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS DEALERSHIP MAKEOVER

  • Why Commercial Grade Screens? | BFA Website

    You May Be Wondering? Commercial Grad e Displays vs Consumer Grade TVs English | Français When choosing a flat screen TV display, there are two general categories of screens to choose from – consumer or commercial. Both types produce a quality picture, however, they are engineered quite differently. ​ The BFA Group will only provide professional commercial grade displays for the following advantages: Extended U se A commercial professional display’s life is double that of consumer TV. A commercial grade display is built for long, continu ous operation (16/7 to 24/7), whereas a consumer grade TV is built for limited time operation and long off times. Extended Warranty Commercial grade displays come with a 3-year warranty while consumer TVs at best offer 1-year coverage. Using a consumer grade TV within a business / commercial environment most often voids a manufacturer’s warranty. Heat Management Operating hours – commercial grade displays are designed to withstand long oper ating hours with thermal characteristics built in the internal design for proper heat dissipation in both portrait and landscape modes. Remotely Managed Content deliver y and editing, troubleshooting, scheduling power “on/off” on commercial grade displays can be controlled remotely by The BFA Group. Replacement 3 Year warranty includes replacement of a defecti ve screen. After an on-site un-repairable diagnosis Samsung warrantied screens will be automatically replaced. Ease of Uploads Commercial grade displays have built in computer chips and are engineered to communicat e well with a PC/MAC interface. Consumer TVs are unlikely to have the ability to integrate with The BFA Group’s content management software platform. Advanced/Modern Appearance Commercial screens just look brighter & better – no matter the environment! Frameless, small bezel bodies, real glass screens with anti-glare options, and high nit counts mean your displays will look fantastic when grouped, clustered, or joined in a video wall application. Security Commercial grade displays incorporate measures t o protect controls in a public environment including locking of front panel and IR remote. No Burn-in Image Retention Technology - commercial grade displays include extensive advanced anti burn-in & image-retention features, while consumer grade TVs do no t. Orientation Options Commercial screens can be mounted either portrait, or landscape orie ntations, for creative and eye- popping visual design & effects. Order Now “I had always been interested in digital signage but based on past frustrating experiences with clunky software and difficulties updating content, we went without it for years. In 2022 we began service with BFA. They provided the screens and hardware for both Hyundai and Genesis stores, had them installed promptly and we were up and running in days. Since then, they have been in contact with us on a regular basis and the updates are usually done same day. They have great video and graphic assets which makes the program simple and easy. I’m very happy with my decision to move forward with BFA.” Hass Hijazi, Managing Partner Finch Nissan, Finch Hyundai, Genesis London, Ontario

  • FR-Digital Displays FAQ | BFA Website

    English | Français Questions fréquemment posées Commande Témoignages Commande “Excellent outil pour les clients dans la salle d’attente! Ils nous ont fourni des vidéos et images pour améliorer les ventes, mais aussi c’est un bon outils d’éducation de la clientèle. Ils ont plusieurs vidéos de divertissement léger qui tient le client intéresser au reste du contenu. Nous avons reçu un excellent service du groupe BFA et Lisa la présidente de la compagnie qui s’assure de notre succès ensemble!" Benoit Gauthier Hyundai Ile-Perrot - Directeur Général

  • Dealership Makeover | The BFA Group

    DEALERSHIP FACILITY MAKEOVER Get started As they say “You only get one chance to make a first impression” – the look and feel of your facility can make a big difference as to how a guest perceives the experience within your dealership. A dealership that is fresh and appointed strategically will emphasize the culture behind your brand, accentuate the lifestyle that your product provides and ultimately make the customer feel a sense of belonging. Is your dealership tired, dated and IN NEED OF A REFRESH? In this new age of digital retailing, we know that many vehicles are now purchased online. However, there is more often than not still the requirement for a guest to visit your dealership to finalize paperwork, take delivery, and to eventually perform required service. Consider this: when was the last time you... walked through your dealership to audit for out-of-date signage? reviewed all guest facing point-of-sale areas and materials provided? If your answer is more than a year, you can be assured your dealership is in need of our makeover services. ​ From simple consulting and auditing, clean-up, paint and minor repairs, to large format up-dated wall graphics along effectively placed digital signage we can provide the everything you need to up-date and modernize your facility quickly and on a dealership friendly budget. Contact us today to receive a no-obligation facility review. Tire Stand CUSTOM SHOWROOM TIRE DISPLAY Maximize the exposure of tires and rims in your showroom using our exclusive BFA showroom tire display. Whether you are seeking to showcase your higher end products, or simply to boost your average tire sale per visitor year-round, our exclusive showroom tire display will get the job done. ​ Secure adjustable structure to fit tires sizes from 13" to 20" tires ​ Quickly and easily personalize your messaging with integrated visual information display ​ Rubber non-marking wheels allow for tilt and roll easy movement on showroom floor ​ Our custom designed and Canadian manufactured display is showroom quality and is made from lean and solid steel, and has a durable powder coated finish. Our stands will keep your heavy tires perfectly still while being a beautiful visual "accessory" to your showroom vehicles. ​ BFA custom manufactures our stands in Canada. Please call to inquire about price & delivery today! Inquire today OTHER SOLUTIONS: DIGITAL SIGNAGE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS PRINT SOLUTIONS

  • HAC Survey | BFA Website

    Page Title This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.

  • Digital Solutions | The BFA Group

    DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Get started Our multi-faceted approach to digital solutions allows you to see the whole forest before picking the right trees: we work with you to identify the channels, tactics, and technologies that will drive your business forward. We are a united, full-service team offering a suite of leading-edge digital solutions designed to broadcast cohesive messaging across all channels of your organization. BROWSE OUR SUITE OF INDUSTRY LEADING DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Digital Signage | Touchscreen Kiosks | Digital Marketing | Video Production Digital Signage DIGITAL SIGNAGE We are your full-service digital signage partner providing industry-leading displays and unique automotive marketing content. Bringing over 20 years of automotive marketing expertise to our digital content ensures we will create graphically high-end, and most importantly, “relevant-to-you” content. Your store-specific content will be automatically refreshed by The BFA Group monthly / seasonally, and you can be as hands on or off as you like. Any print or marketing initiatives we help create will be automatically represented in your digital content. Learn more Kiosks TOUCHSCREEN KIOSKS Interactive touchscreen kiosks allow your customers to gain detailed product information, watch videos, read reviews, check availability, and ultimately make purchase decisions "on the spot". One of the major benefits of BFA kiosk screens is they double as a fully functional digital sign platform when not being operated as a touch screen. Get started D Marketing DIGITAL MARKETING BFA's team of specialists is focused on the success of your business and we employ a wealth of digital marketing tools to support this success. From targeted social media campaigns to broad email campaigns and surveys, from digital content development to Google Analytics reporting — we only bring to our clients what we have tested on ourselves, and every service we offer has a track record of success. Social Media Campaigns Web Banners E-Mail Blasts Content Creation Digital Surveys Get started Video Production VIDEO PRODUCTION Video is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your customers. Our production team provides exceptional script writing, videography, editing, and animation required to tell your story well. We create company promotional videos, event videos, product videos, and more that increase the impact of your brand. Get started OTHER SOLUTIONS: DIGITAL SIGNAGE PRINT SOLUTION DEALERSHIP MAKEOVER

  • FAQ | The BFA Group

    Go back to main website FAQ DIGITAL SIGNAGE Q. What type of TV's (screens) can I use? BFA can connect our system to almost any screen that is less than 5 years old and is deemed a "Smart" TV. However, we highly recommend using commercial grade digital signage screens which are purpose built for this application. BFA can provide these as we purchase direct from the major screen providers like Samsung, LG, NEC, Phillips & Sharp. ​ ​ Q. What's the warranty on screens we purchase through BFA? All commercial grade screens come with a full replacement 3 year manufactures warranty. ​ Q. Where in my facility can I install a digital signage screen? BFA can install screens anywhere there is a wall to mount to or ceiling to drop down from. We have installed hundreds of screens and have never disappointed a customer on our ability to locate and mount. ​ Q. What do I need to provide for BFA to install screens? We will need a power outlet in the near vicinity of the screen (ideally directly behind where the screen will be mounted) and a live network cable OR dependable wifi to connect to the internet. Note: the BFA system does not require installing a server or box of any kind in your computer room ~ each screen provides its own connectivity and stand alone environment. ​ Q. How long does BFA need to install screens at my location? It depends on the complexity of each screens mounting, however, on average we need around 2 hours per screen to mount and configure with our content management system. ​ Q. How do I receive and make changes to content? Content is provided via BFA's proprietary cloud-based content management system. We will create and provide content "on the fly" utilizing our in-house graphics art team and welcome developing custom assets to meet your specific needs and timeline. This is all included as part of your monthly subscription fee. ​ Q. How do I request content changes? Simply contact BFA with your idea / request and we will have our graphics team working on it generally within 24 hours. Contact BFA by email, Chat or phone. ​ Q. Do I have to pay for software upgrades to your content management system? No! Software updates come automatically and are included as part of your monthly subscription fee. ​ Q. Can I watch live TV on the digital signage screens? Yes! Providing you have a cable TV feed available, live TV can be rotated in as part of a routine playlist for a prescribed duration or by utilizing certain technology can be live full time on 50% of a screen. ​ Q. How do I obtain assistance or service after the screen has gone live? BFA will have support available via email, live chat or telephone. We watch all screens on a live monitoring dashboard (and in most cases know when you have a problem before you do). Our experience has shown that over 95% of screen issues are fixed with a simple reboot procedure.

  • Contact | The BFA Group

    Go back to main website ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A 75" 4K TV FOR YOUR OFFICE OR HOME Please fill out information below Send Thank you your entry! We will contact you if you won! See what we do in 1 minute Fuelling up...

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