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Q. What type of TV's (screens) can I use?

BFA can connect our system to almost any screen that is less than 5 years old and is deemed a "Smart" TV. However, we highly recommend using commercial grade digital signage screens which are purpose built for this application. BFA can provide these as we purchase direct from the major screen providers like Samsung, LG, NEC, Phillips & Sharp.

Q. What's the warranty on screens we purchase through BFA?

All commercial grade screens come with a full replacement 3 year manufactures warranty.


Q. Where in my facility can I install a digital signage screen?

BFA can install screens anywhere there is a wall to mount to or ceiling to drop down from. We have installed hundreds of screens and have never disappointed a customer on our ability to locate and mount.


Q. What do I need to provide for BFA to install screens?

We will need a power outlet in the near vicinity of the screen (ideally directly behind where the screen will be mounted) and a live network cable OR dependable wifi to connect to the internet. Note: the BFA system does not require installing a server or box of any kind in your computer room ~ each screen provides its own connectivity and stand alone environment.


Q. How long does BFA need to install screens at my location?

It depends on the complexity of each screens mounting, however, on average we need around 2 hours per screen to mount and configure with our content management system.


Q. How do I receive and make changes to content?

Content is provided via BFA's proprietary cloud-based content management system. We will create and provide content "on the fly" utilizing our in-house graphics art team and welcome developing custom assets to meet your specific needs and timeline. This is all included as part of your monthly subscription fee.


Q. How do I request content changes?

Simply contact BFA with your idea / request and we will have our graphics team working on it generally within 24 hours. Contact BFA by email, Chat or phone.


Q. Do I have to pay for software upgrades to your content management system?

No! Software updates come automatically and are included as part of your monthly subscription fee.


Q. Can I watch live TV on the digital signage screens?

Yes! Providing you have a cable TV feed available, live TV can be rotated in as part of a routine playlist for a prescribed duration or by utilizing certain technology can be live full time on 50% of a screen.


Q. How do I obtain assistance or service after the screen has gone live?

BFA will have support available via email, live chat or telephone. We watch all screens on a live monitoring dashboard (and in most cases know when you have a problem before you do). Our experience has shown that over 95% of screen issues are fixed with a simple reboot procedure.

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