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You May Be Wondering?
Commercial Grade Displays
vs Consumer Grade TVs

When choosing a flat screen TV display, there are two general categories of screens to choose from –
consumer or commercial. Both types produce a quality picture, however, they are engineered quite differently.


The BFA Group will only provide professional commercial grade displays for the following advantages:

Extended Use

A commercial professional display’s life is double that of consumer TV. A commercial grade display is built for long, continuous operation (16/7 to 24/7), whereas a consumer grade TV is built for limited time operation and long off times.

Extended Warranty

Commercial grade displays come with a 3-yearwarranty while consumer TVs at best offer 1-year coverage. Using a consumer grade TV within a business / commercial environment most often voids a manufacturer’s warranty.

Heat Management

Operating hours – commercial grade displays are designed to withstand long operating hours with thermal characteristics built in the internal design for proper heat dissipation in both portrait and

landscape modes.

Remotely Managed

Content delivery and editing, troubleshooting, scheduling power “on/off” on commercial grade displays can be controlled remotely by The BFA Group.


3 Year warranty includes replacement of a defective screen. After an on-site un-repairable diagnosis Samsung warrantied screens will be automatically replaced.

Ease of Uploads

Commercial grade displays have built in computer chips and are engineered to communicate well with a PC/MAC interface. Consumer TVs are unlikely to have the ability to integrate with The BFA Group’s content management software platform.

Advanced/Modern Appearance

Commercial screens just look brighter & better – no matter the environment! Frameless, small bezel bodies, real glass screens with anti-glare options, and high nit counts mean your displays will look fantastic when grouped, clustered, or joined in a video wall application.


Commercial grade displays incorporate measures tprotect controls in a public environment including locking of front panel and IR remote.

No Burn-in

Image Retention Technology - commercial grade displays include extensive advanced anti burn-in & image-retention features, while consumer grade TVs do not.

Orientation Options

Commercial screens can be mounted either portrait, or landscape orientations, for creative and  eye-popping visual design & effects.

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“I had always been interested in digital signage but based on past frustrating experiences with clunky software and difficulties updating content, we went without it for years. In 2022 we began service with BFA. They provided the screens and hardware for both Hyundai and Genesis stores, had them installed promptly and we were up and running in days. Since then, they have been in contact with us on a regular basis and the updates are usually done same day. They have great video and graphic assets which makes the program simple and easy. I’m very happy with my decision to move forward with BFA.”

Hass Hijazi, Managing Partner

Finch Nissan, Finch Hyundai, Genesis London, Ontario

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