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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this program endorsed and supported by Hyundai Auto Canada?
    Yes. This program is fully endorsed by Hyundai Auto Canada and is co-op applicable.
  • Are there any additional incentives to join the program?
    Yes. If you place your order before November 10th, 2023, you will receive 1 additional month subscription fee with compliments from The BFA Group. Accompanied by the Hyundai Auto Canada co-op dollars that will equal 4 free months of content management fees.
  • How do I qualify for my Hyundai marketing co-op dollars?
    Place your order ASAP. Fill in your order confirmation here and submit to The BFA Group. Co-op marketing funds are being provided from the 2023 budget and therefore to receive funding your order must be received no later than December 31st, 2023. Click here to place your order.
  • What makes this automotive digital display program unique?
    Unique Content, Unlimited. This program is a turnkey solution, designed and engineered exclusively for the automotive dealership sector. It allows you, the dealer to be as hands-on, or hands-off as you wish, either way content will be seasonal, fresh, and relevant always. The program includes unlimited dealer custom content creation, along with content being supplied and updated on an ongoing basis from Hyundai Auto Canada and its marketing partner, Innocean Canada.
  • What kind of hardware is required for connectivity?
    Three options. 1. Connect to your existing screens via BFA external media player(s). 2. Provide new screens and connects via BFA external media player(s). 3. BFA, an authorized Samsung Canada commercial partner, can provide commercial grade screens, with integrated internal media players. BFA offers Hyundai exclusive wholesale pricing for Samsung commercial grade screens. To learn more about commercial grade screens click here. To inquire about purchasing Samsung commercial grade screens contact:
  • Am I required to do any additional wiring?
    Both BFA external media players and Samsung commercial grade screens are both WIFI and Ethernet capable. Although it is highly recommended to hardwire via Ethernet to your hardware, in many cases WIFI connectivity is possible.
  • How do I install required hardware?
    BFA external media players will be pre-flighted and delivered to dealer for self-installation. Your hardware box will contain written installation instructions and The BFA Group Technical team will be available for support. For both external media players and new screen installations, BFA has a Canada wide, fully insured installation network available to support Hyundai Dealers. Please inquire for further details at
  • What is a one-time onboarding & set-up fee?
    This is one-time (lifetime) fee. Supports the additional time to create dealer specific custom branded digital content master platform and create the interface to our proprietary content management (CMS) platform.
  • What is included in my monthly content subscription?
    Fresh & relevant content, content creation and ongoing updates. Hyundai brand content, for both sales & service, will be created and supplied on an ongoing basis from Hyundai Auto Canada and its marketing partner, Innocean Canada, in support of monthly thrust programs, new product launches and corporate brand messaging. Unlimited dealer unique content creation working with dealer management teams, sales, service & marketing departments, and any associated vendors on key messaging, specials, promotions etc., including: a. Custom community oriented welcome messages and seasonal greetings b. Dealer specific Google reviews c. Unlimited “on-the-fly” changes and edits d. Content created exclusively for your dealership may be downloaded and shared in support of web & social media purposes at no additional charge. e. If applicable, Hyundai Lounge TV “Info-tainment” content including, but not limited to: Pop-up Trivia, Thought of the Day, Sports Centre, Pet Pause, CBC News & Current Events f. Split screen geo-focused time & weather widgets available
  • Will English and French dealers receive the same content?
    Yes. All content and services will be provided in both English and French.
  • What type of screen layouts are available?
    Single screen, or multi-quadrant, integrated LiveTV* layouts available. Landscape Full Screen Content Multi-Zone with Portrait Content Standard full screen content layout Multi-input / up-graded LiveTV* integration (BFA Standard Media Engine Required) (BFA Multi-Input Upgraded Media Engine Required) *Please note: For LiveTV integration, cable feed must be connected and operational at the screen location at time of installation of BFA equipment. BFA is not responsible for third party services and/or equipment.
  • Will content be streaming via the internet?
    No. Internet connectivity is only required to update content from time to time. Content is delivered via the cloud and uploaded to, or removed from, the media players in real-time. Content is housed within the media players and displayed on the screen. An internet disruption will not result in a black screen and content will reboot automatically upon power restoration.
  • How can I see what is playing on my screens without sitting in front of them?
    Online Content Viewing Tool. With BFA’s online content viewing tool you will be provided a link to view, in real time, exactly what content is playing on your screens.
  • Does each screen have to play the same content?
    No. The BFA Group digital signage platform cloud-based technology allows for each screen to have its own unique audience and specifically supporting content. Content can be managed by the: • Individual screen • Department within a dealership • Dealership rooftop • Dealer group • OE (Hyundai Auto Canada)
  • Can content be pre-scheduled?
    Yes. The BFA Group’s content management platform allows for scheduling of individual asset playtime. Content can be pre-scheduled to play, and end, by the minute, hour, or day.
  • Do I have to turn my screens on and off every day?
    No. Once your screens are set-up and onboarded to the content management platform, The BFA Group is able to remotely manage dealer specific screen on/off times. However, if you prefer to manage the on/off schedule of your screens, that is also fine.
  • How do I know if my screens are connected to the internet?
    24/7 Health Check System Monitoring. The BFA Group will remotely monitor the status of connectivity for each of your connected screens by “pinging” the media players every minute. Should your screen become disconnected from the internet the BFA monitoring system will alert indicating re-connection required. Our technical team will reach out to assist with resolution. In the meantime, because the media players have cached content in their library your content will continue to play, even without the internet connected.
  • Can I add additional screens at my dealership?
    Yes. You may have a larger vision than the 2 and 3 screen digital signage packages offered within the initial Hyundai Canada digital signage bundles. Additional screens are available upon request. Please inquire at for your custom solution today!
  • We are planning for, or have a new facility build underway – can BFA assist?
    Yes. We have extensive experience in working with architects and contractors to plan for the optimal placement and associated wiring and electrical requirements for a state-of-the art digital signage solution for your new facility. Please inquire today with Lisa Burns to book your no-obligation consultation.
  • Can my external media players, or screens, be relocated?
    Yes. At any given time, your hardware solution can be relocated within your facility, or to a new facility.
  • How much is due with my order? How are subsequent monthly fees invoiced?
    Dealer will be invoiced upon receiving Order Confirmation for required hardware, content set-up fees and the first three-months of content management fees, to be paid by cheque, or credit card within 15 days – this is a co-opable amount. Post installation and onboarding invoicing will occur monthly. The BFA Group is an approved Consolidated Dealer Co-Operative supplier and as a result will invoice dealer members accordingly with fees will be rebate applicable. For all others, monthly fees are to be paid via pre-authorized credit card.
  • How long after I place my order will I receive my hardware?
    Once order is received, The BFA Group technical team will contact you to confirm and coordinate your unique connectivity details. After connectivity details are confirmed, hardware will ship within approximately 10 – 15 working days (subject to hardware availability).
  • And finally, who is The BFA Group?
    The BFA Group has been in the automotive content creation business for over 55 years. With that experience we understand how each department within your dealership operates, as well as how they should work together to drive results. This understanding allows us to create and manage content to visually reach your on-site customers, delivering the right message, to the right place, at the right time. Our highly customizable, instantly adaptable content is designed to appeal to your captive audience: your guests purchasing a vehicle, checking in for service or waiting the completion of a service. We are committed to making available a compelling mix of Hyundai Auto Canada approved and relevant content, accompanied by dynamic Dealer exclusive content that educates, informs, and entertains. Currently The BFA Group provides digital signage and associated content management services to over 120 dealers in both Canada and the United States. With over 500 “screens on the wall” we have refined and perfected both our proprietary content management platform and our internal content creation and management process in order to deliver a exceptional and personalized customer experience to our dealers.

“I had always been interested in digital signage but based on past frustrating experiences with clunky software and difficulties updating content, we went without it for years. In 2022 we began service with BFA. They provided the screens and hardware for both Hyundai and Genesis stores, had them installed promptly and we were up and running in days. Since then, they have been in contact with us on a regular basis and the updates are usually done same day. They have great video and graphic assets which makes the program simple and easy. I’m very happy with my decision to move forward with BFA.”

Hass Hijazi, Managing Partner

Finch Nissan, Finch Hyundai, Genesis London, Ontario

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